Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap

Season 1 | Episode 11

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Okay, I’m immediately annoyed with Meredith’s son right from the start of this episode. They’re in a grocery store or something and he’s just being the most, acting all picky and it just doesn’t seem like it’s natural to me. 

Anyways, Whitney is having her brother and sister over to reunite with their dad. She told us earlier how her two siblings were not always on board with their dad’s recovery from addiction and that they haven’t all been together in ten years. I really feel like Whitney is an angel, who knows where her dad would be without her. While they’re having dinner I can’t help but feel like it’s a little awkward and they have a lot of work to do on their relationships. 

Jen and her husband invite Heather out to dinner and are trying to set her up with one of Sheriff’s friends. Heather is absolutely hysterical, she’s so thankful that Jen has tried to do this for her given Sheriff’s friend is “tall, dark, handsome and alive.” However, he doesn’t drink and as soon as he orders his shirley temple the vibe changes. 

Whitney has an idea to take the girls to Vegas given all of the drama that went down before. Whitney invites all of the ladies but Mary isn’t going to go since Jen is going. Is Mary even a part of this show anymore? I can’t remember the last time she filmed with the ladies. Lisa is acting so immature about getting invited to the trip without Whitney apologizing to her, she’s being so annoying and never responds to Whitney’s invitation. When the ladies get to the airport Meredith’s tells Whitney that Lisa is already in Vegas because she has business there, seriously so rude of her to show up in Vegas and never tell Whiteney. 

The ladies arrive in Vegas and Whitney surprises them with a trip to the racetrack but Jen says she’s unable to make it since she’s planned a surprise for Heather, which means Whitney is going to be left alone with Meredith and Lisa. Jen takes Heather on this private shopping experience with personal shoppers, I wonder if she’s going to be paying for everything for Heather too? They try on some clothes and then get on the bar for pictures and Jen tries to stand up but totally falls and Heather catches her. If Heather hadn’t caught her she would’ve lost teeth, it looked bad. 

Whitney, Meredith and Lisa are on their way to the racetrack and it’s so awkward in the car. Lisa keeps talking about her experience at the racetrack and is talking such a big game and bragging about the car she drives at home, very annoying to me. However, when they’re actually driving the cars Lisa is driving like a snail and the other ladies keep lapping her, she’s so full of shit. When they’re done driving Whitney brings up all of the drama and apologizes for what happened at Sheriff’s birthday. Lisa keeps interrupting Whitney but eventually they move forward and accept her apology. 

Jen and Heather are still shopping when Jen brings up the drama from her husband’s birthday party. Jen still seems very angry about what Whitney did even though they made up at that spa thing just last week. It still seems like Jen is blaming Whitney for the issues that arose in her marriage and Heather is trying to explain how Whitney is not responsible for Jen’s actions and Jen is not having it. This is going to be Jen’s downfall, she can’t take ownership of her behavior and thinks everyone should bow down to her, not happening honey. 

Next week we get more drama at Vegas and it doesn’t look like Jen will be handling it very well, surprise surprise. 


Real Housewives of Salt Lake City TV Show Recaps

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