Vanderpump Rules Recap

Season 8 | Episode 20

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

You guys, we made it! It is the finale episode and I’m pretty happy it’s over. Never thought I would say this about VPR but this season was just not it for me. 

Anyways, on to the recap! We start with Dayna and Brett talking at Sur to clear the air while they’re working. Brett says that he is still interested in her but that having feelings for someone means something else to him. Dayna understands and in her confessional acknowledges that what he said after her comedy show (that he does not have feelings for her in front of everyone at the table bc Max told him to) just didn’t come out right. No girl! He was being a jerk regardless if he meant it or not he chose dumb Max over you and that is not ok!!

Now we’re at Lala’s house which I believe is one of the first times we’re actually filming in her house with other people. Stassi, Katie, and Brittany show up and there is still tension between Brittany and Katie because of the pool parties. They start talking about Kristen and Katie says she was giving her dirty looks the entire time at the pool party and Stassi says Kristen sent her a mean text, they’re so over her. Katie says Jax is the one to blame for having competing pool parties because of his rage texts and that her rage texts are completely different because they’re based on actual issues that have happened. The editors flash to old clips of Schwartz receiving rage texts from Katie that are out of this world, i.e. you’re the worst boyfriend ever, hate you, etc. She goes on how she wants to block Jax and the girls try to tell her not to. Brittany finally stands up for herself and says that Jax is her husband and they need to respect that. I just can’t with Katie, who does she think she is? She is a mean, angry person which is exactly what she is claiming Jax to be. Such a hypocrite. 

Now we’re with James and his mom in James’ apartment. They explain his mom has been sober for six months and has started working again. His mom thanks sobriety as if she wasn’t sober, she never would’ve gotten a job, health insurance, and then had a mammogram where they found cancer. She had an operation to remove the cancer and seems to be doing fine now. James talks about how he owes his sobriety to Raquel because she pushed him to do it and now he’s discovered who he truly is and how happy he is. I hope that his mom’s experience is the extra motivation to keep him sober. I’m rooting for him!

Stassi and Beau are looking for houses and Beau jokes that Stassi will be making the down payment because he doesn’t have that kind of money. I’m sure he’s joking… he better be joking. Stassi says they will not be getting another modern farmhouse in valley village like the others, yes girl, have a mind of your own!

The Tom’s decide to invest in The Garden which is the adjoining lounge to Tom Tom. I think it’s great for them, keep them busy and out of trouble! I wonder if it’s done by now, they filmed last summer, it’s got to be close to being done at least. 

Now we’re at the Hollywood Reporter photoshoot. Lisa has brought in employees from all of her restaurants, including Vegas, for it. Mini Scheana aka Karrah is there, remember the girl who worked at Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Vegas and then we saw waking up in bed with Max? Scheana talks to her and they take a selfie and Scheana says that they’re ‘sex sisters’ ****barf**** because they’ve both hooked up with Max. I guess in LA maybe this isn’t weird? Or in their group in general. 

Ariana asks Jax if she can talk to him. Right off the bat you can just see that they are two completely different people who just don’t like each other. Jax tries to say that he’s going to make mistakes in life and Ariana isn’t having it. We flash to her interview where she says when someone makes mistakes so often, those are choices, and when you keep making those choices, that is your personality, that is who you are. She’s not wrong. During the photoshoot Jax isn’t wearing the Sur uniform, he’s wearing a random navy blue Ralph Lauren polo. He says he doesn’t care and doesn’t even own a Sur shirt (HOW) and shouldn’t match with the other bartenders because he’s not like the other bartenders. I kind of see his point, he’s really not at the same level as the other bartenders. I just don’t understand why he has to be so difficult about everything.

The photoshoot is over and Tom Tom’s one year anniversary party is starting and we’re about to finally get some juicy stuff. Ariana pulls Stassi aside and asks her if she really said those things about her house and her pool party that Scheana claims she did. Stassi immediately calls Scheana over to clear it up and Scheana sticks with her story that Stassi said those things. We then see the clip showing that it was actually Lala saying those things and Stassi was just sitting there listening. Oh Scheana. Ariana believes Stassi and they’re totally fine now. HOWEVER, during this conversation this little gremlin looking girl Karrah keeps trying to insert herself into their conversation. Ok, she doesn’t actually look like a gremlin but she is creepy behind Stassi that it gave me total gremlin vibes. Karrah is clearly drunk and Stassi keeps asking her to go away but she’s like obsessed with them and keeps lingering. Danica is watching this all unfold and decides to go tell Karrah to go away. Karrah is not cooperating because she’s drunk and a weirdo and it upsets Danica. It’s almost like Karrah is following Danica around because Danica gets more frustrated and pushes Karrah. Lala sees this happen and yells at Danica and then Lisa gets involved and kicks Danica out of the party. I will not be surprised if we never see this girl on our screens again. 

They play James and Lala’s new song right after a commercial break so I was not ready for it, I thought they would’ve done a bigger introduction since they mentioned it a few times earlier in the episode. The song is alright I guess, we didn’t hear a lot of it but it didn’t make me have a reaction like some of the other songs debuted on bravo, *cough* good as gold *cough*. 

Sandoval asks Jax to talk and says that Jax has been holding things over his head like not being invited to the wedding and that he hasn’t been allowed to disagree with Jax for a while since he was getting married. Jax is just like yeah, that’s right, I was getting married and you were my best man you’re supposed to shut up and do what I say. What a good friend. Jax says there’s something wrong with him and he finds himself crying in the home depot aisle and Sandoval is like noooooo, don’t play the victim! Which we are so used to Jax doing. Sandoval says he can’t deal with the repetitive negativity from Jax and he feels like he’s wasting his friendship on someone who doesn’t deserve him. Ultimately they decide to take a break from each other. I just don’t see this friendship rekindling, they seem like two completely different people now and Jax is very selfish and has sucked the life out of Sandoval. I’ll be interested to see how their relationship is during the reunion. 

Kristen asks Stassi and Katie if they can talk. The girls immediately say that they’ve heard she’s back with Carter and Stassi says their friendship hasn’t been the same for a very, very long time. Stassi also says that Kristen has a victim mentality and everytime they would try to talk to her she would go cry to everyone else in the group who would then come up to them questioning why they’re so awful to her. That would be suuuuuuuper annoying to me too. Katie being the mean person that she is says to Kristen, “This is all your fault, remember that you caused this, it’s all your fault.” That is so unnecessary and is meant to hurt her, I CAN’T with Katie, she’s awful. Stassi says the witches of weho are done and then they walk away. Kristen has literally just been standing there the entire time, did she even say anything? She looks so sad and I do feel bad for her, but I understand where at least Stassi is coming from. In Stassi’s confessional she expresses how she’s sad because Kristen is one of the first people she met at Sur and she introduced her to this group. She also says she’s not sure where their relationship will go and if Kristen will be standing next to her when she gets married or even at the wedding at all. Dun dun dun. 

We end the episode with Lisa trying to talk to Jax since there’s clearly something going on with him. Jax lets it slip that it’s “his show” and Lisa goes off on him. She tells him to put himself in his place, that everyone is going to lose a parent, a loved one, and everyone’s life is hard but you need to move on and that he needs to go talk to a professional and figure it out. He’s just standing there dumbfounded as usual while Brittany is shaking her head agreeing with Lisa. 

And that’s it. Honestly wasn’t a very good finale but it’s what I was expecting given how the season went. It’s like two shows in one, there’s the new kids and the og’s. I think it needs to be two separate shows if we’re going to move forward. I would love to try a spinoff of the og’s settling into their lives and marriages and figuring out adulthood and everything. It might not work given so many of their relationships seem rocky, but I don’t want to say bye to Stassi! I also think since they left Jax and Sandoval’s relationship questionable AND the witches of weho’s relationship questionable that we will be seeing them again. I love the premise of VPR but I don’t know if I care enough about these new kids to keep the show going. Actually, I know I don’t care enough about them, they didn’t bring much to the table at all and there’s some of them I never want to see on my screen again. Looking at you Max and Danica. I can’t wait for the reunion, hopefully Andy gives us some clarity on what’s to come in the future!


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