Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Season 10 | Episode 6

We start this episode with Garcelle out with her girlfriends, one of which is Will Smith’s ex wife! She tells us she was completely blindsided when she found out her ex was cheating on her and how supportive her girlfriends were. I’m happy that she has such good friends in her life, I just like her so much already. 

Erika is rehearsing for Chicago and I must say I am so surprised every time she performs and how hardworking she is, I think she is just so good! So sad I didn’t go see Chicago when it was being performed here! 

Dorit is at Bucca di Beppo with the owner since they’re moving forward with their business partnership. The owner says he’s worried about her commitment to the project and feels that out of 10, her commitment is at a three right now. Gotta love a guy who calls it as he sees it.  

The girls are all going to Erika’s house and she’s going to have an astrologer there to read all of them. I love that Erika is now feeling comfortable enough to host people at her house more. Erika, Rinna, and Garcelle are all wearing bright pink blazers as dresses. I seriously laughed out loud, what are the odds?! And now I want a bright pink blazer dress, it was kind of cute, Elle Woods vibes all the way. 

The astrologer arrives and I’m having PTSD from the dinner at Camille’s house with the infamous Allison DuBois. This astrologer seems much nicer though, phew. He starts reading the girls and says that Denise has a side to her that is hidden and that when she feels betrayed she will calculate and conspire against that person. Teddi’s sign says she’s more likely to connect and feel close to one person, I wonder who that could be? As Kyle sits there all smug. The girls start giving Kyle a hard time saying she’s closer to Teddi than anyone else and that they went to couples therapy together. Haha, what? Teddi and Kyle both say that they were doing breath work with the therapist not actually having therapy. 

Dorit says something along the lines of “just wait until they get to us” to Sutton. Sutton responds by getting worked up and going at Dorit a little. Erika snaps at them and says you’re a guest in my house! And they both shut up. What a beautiful scene, Erika could rule the world. 

Sutton goes on to say that she actually likes Dorit but didn’t like how Dorit brought up what she said to the group, she thought she was saying it to a friend in confidence. Dorit says they’re not girlfriends, ouch. Sutton continues by saying that she doesn’t feel like any of the girls actually want to get to know her. Garcelle then chimes in that she feels the same way. She then directs her words to Kyle and says that Kyle just glazes over her. In her interview Garcelle says that Kyle seems a little surface level, she’ll give compliments and small talk but she actually doesn’t care. Switch to Denise’s interview where she says maybe Kyle was projecting the fake ass bitches thing, maybe she’s the fake one. It’s getting interesting now, bring it ladies!

Kyle tries to defend herself and says she hasn’t spent enough time with Garcelle yet but that she thinks she’s great and adorable. Dorit then says to her, “then why do you glaze over her?” Those are fighting words!! I would not be happy if one of my supposedly best friends came at me like that and tried to make me look bad. 

Garcelle, Rinna, and Denise all leave together with Kyle and Dorit so wrapped up in their own conversation they don’t even notice their departure. Rude. In the car the Garcelle and Denise start saying they don’t feel seen by Kyle, that she just talks at them, not to them, and that she always brings the conversation back to her. THANK YOU! Finally someone is speaking the truth about Kyle. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Kyle stan, but the facts are the facts, she’s all about herself. Garcelle then says “and what was she wearing tonight?! It was hideous.” Yassssss! Preach it, Garcelle! Her outfit was horrid and how someone that dresses like that has a clothing line, or even thinks they should have a clothing line, is beyond me. 

Meanwhile at the dinner Kyle still doesn’t understand why they’re saying her and Teddi had couples therapy. Who really cares anyways. Erika chimes in and says that Kyle’s relationship with Teddi is different from her relationship with anyone else. This upsets Kyle because she doesn’t understand why it’s weird or wrong and then she says “why? Is it because you don’t have good friends?!” OH NO YOU DIDN’T! Erika, being the queen that she is, tells Kyle that she is out of line and that she does have good friends and actually considered Kyle to be one of them. Insert Kyle with her foot in her mouth. 

I love these ladies standing up for each other and speaking their truth! This is a new RHOBV where there’s more honesty and I am living for it. Keep bringing the drama!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills TV Show Recaps

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